CoPilot navigation software enables you to quickly and effectively bring full-featured, own brand turn-by-turn navigation apps to market – or integrate navigation within a telematics solution.

Designed specifically to run on smartphones and tablets, CoPilot is a proven location platform relied upon by millions of drivers and trusted by leading mobile operators, handset manufacturers and device OEMs.

Integrate, Innovate, Customise

Create a branded proposition built around CoPilot’s industry-leading core navigation and mapping technology

Our Expertise, Your Brand

Fully customisable white label navigation apps to create a fully immersive brand experience

Intelligent Routes

CoPilot finds the smartest route to destinations to save time and reduce costs

Commitment Free

Multi-device and platform friendly, so you don’t need to commit to one device type

Effortless Navigation

Discover easy to follow directions with a choice of non-distracting driver displays, lane assist and ClearTurn view

Route Optimisation Saves Time and Fuel

Add additional waypoints and CoPilot will map out the most optimal and efficient route

Benefit from:

  • Connected car ready. With driver-friendly UI and Bluetooth audio compatibility to provide safer and less distracting in-car guidance
  • Ability to integrate custom or own-brand content
  • Connected navigation to access dynamic real-time content
  • Quality offline maps stored on the device, so does not require the mobile internet and avoids data roaming charges
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